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Lee Harkness, BSc (Hons) Environmental Resource Management

Lee Harkness graduated with BSc (Hons) in Environmental Resource Management. It was a keen interest in Geography and Managing Environmental Resources at school and a recommendation by his Geography teacher that led him to this particular course and SRUC.

“I have really enjoyed studying at SRUC, the course content has been highly relevant and as I’ve progressed I’ve been able to tailor the subject areas to the things I enjoy most. At the start I gained a far-reaching understanding of the environment at a basic level, which I have built on and utilised across all of my modules.”

The excellent hands-on learning opportunities and wide variety of field trips throughout the course have been a real plus point for Lee as they allow students to see
the classroom theory being used in practise, and how industry professionals are handling different environmental issues. A particular highlight for Lee during his 2nd year was the opportunity to work closely with NUS to complete an audit of SRUC from a sustainability perspective with a particular focus on Social and Environmental Sustainability.

“Each year we have also been given the opportunity to visit key trade events such as the All Energy conferences, which provides an opportunity to interact with
environmental organisations.”

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