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Kobus Stander, Horticulture

Kobus came from South Africa to study Horticulture at SRUC Edinburgh because the degree fit perfectly with his career aims to contribute to the breeding and management of Horticulture crops and to saving endangered species.

“With SRUC Edinburgh, the greenhouse and laboratory facilities offer the opportunity to get familiar with the trade. You learn from professionals and gain exposure to extracurricular activities that could only be available through SRUC. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of Gardening Scotland and the Royal Highland Show which have been the best highlights of my first year, achieving a Gold Medal, People’s Choice and Best in Show awards.”

“On campus I have made a lot of friends, and become acquainted with people from all walks of life. This has given me great exposure to who is involved in this fantastic industry. Reaching out to others and engaging with them has made me realise the potential we all have to influence one another.”

“I am currently working for Pentland Plants Ltd where I am advancing my knowledge and career in the growing sector of ornamental horticulture. My passion is leaning towards the scientific sector; if I could save and preserve, as well as advance within horticulture, I would be satisfied.”

“The horticulture industry is vast, and full of opportunity that stretches into many other sectors across the globe with endless possibilities; you just have to reach out to them and SRUC makes that possible.”


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