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Kathryn’s Journey into Journalism

Kathryn taking a photo with her phone at an event


SRUC alumni fill many vocational niches across the ‘natural economy’, perhaps the most well-known being farming. However, not all Agriculture graduates go on to become farmers. Kathryn Dick, who gained her HND Agriculture in 2018, tells us about her unique career pathway.

Well this is certainly a funny feeling being asked questions about myself…it usually works the other way around!

I was born and brought up on my family’s arable farm, in Falkirk. I was very close to my papa and uncle and it was through them that I found an interest in livestock, particularly in sheep farming.

Knowing my future lay within the farming environment, I decided to study agriculture at SRUC Edinburgh.

My initial thought on my induction day was how amazing it was to be surrounded by so many likeminded students. I soon made friends – many of whom I am still close to today.

I enjoyed the various field trips, from farm visits to practical lessons, I loved it when we could put our classroom learning into practice.

While studying, I began to think about potential careers and was still undecided about what route I wanted to take. It was by sheer luck that, while scrolling through Facebook one afternoon, I came across an advert for a job at The Scottish Farmer.

The job was advertised as ‘agricultural journalist for the business desk’ and I was in two minds as to whether to apply. I thought it would still be good interview practice even if I didn’t get the job, so I applied and had two separate interviews with Ken Fletcher, the editor, and Patsy Hunter, editor of the business desk.

I was offered the job and I took it eagerly. I’ve now been with The Scottish Farmer for just over a year and I’m loving my job. I’m very much a people person so I find travelling to shows or sales and doing farm features very enjoyable. I would say the only challenge I face sometimes is understanding certain accents when doing interviews…I struggle to understand the Aberdonian accent for example! For not having a journalistic background, I really enjoy writing and it helps if you have half a clue what you’re writing about!

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