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Jamie McCormick – Trees and Timber Modern Apprenticeship

Jamie McCormick completed his Modern Apprenticeship in Trees and Timber with Hoddom and Kinmount Estate.

Jamie has always been interested in making and constructing in wood from an early age in various projects and enterprises.

“I find it very rewarding to design and construct things from timber. Milling and treating different tree species to a finished product which the customer would be happy with.

I have a range of roles in my job from dealing with customers and the estate users. This includes making sure everyone is safe and the smooth running of the wider estate.

In the future I would like to do some climbing and arboriculture skills to allow me to specialise a bit more in the forestry industry.

Jamie’s top tips for working in the industry – Firstly make sure that you like the outdoor working, be passionate about your work and enjoy learning new things, and never give up on your ambitions and believe in yourself.”

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