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Introducing our Intern: Yuzhi

Yuzhi at Edinburgh Castle

I’m Yuzhi, a postgraduate student studying at Environmental Protection and Management at SRUC and University of Edinburgh. I come from China, growing up in a small city in the southwest, where can be considered as a transitioning city from infrastructure improvement to modernisation. I directly jumped into an academic year for further education after finishing my undergraduate degree of environmental engineering.  

The main reason to apply this internship is to apply the knowledge I have learned from courses to the real project and generate working experience at new environment. The process to the current role at SRUC can be divided into two main process – the application period in March and the working time for later three months.  This opportunity to be part of CELT (Centre for Enhanced Learning and Teaching)team makes me to understanding the importance and current situation of learning community and realize how SRUC works very hard to meet students’ needs and put them at first. 

I am always appreciated the supports from Alison Boyle and Dr Pauline Hanesworth with sufficient equipment and constructive advice during the research process and my dear colleague Jamie McCulloch a trustful partner and a good facilitator of meetings with wonderful communication skills. Therefore, I would say the best treasure from this Internship is the expanding network after three-months communication, mitigation, and cooperation. 

At last, based on my own case, I want to encourage International students of SRUC to take part in this Internship to contribute the project and get to those wonderful people. 

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