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Introducing our Intern: Jamie McCulloch

Intern Jamie McCulloch takes a selfie with his black lab Baxter snuggled up to his head


I’m Jamie McCulloch, I am studying applied animal science at SRUC, Kings Buildings. Having wanted a change of direction in life I decided after many years to return to education but in a very different way. Previously I was involved in the design and manufacture of semiconductors ( microchips ) but fell out of love with the job a bit. I grew up surrounded by animals on farms and always had an passion for them. In my home life my family and I adopt rescue dogs, currently we have Jake and Baxter ( in the picture with me ) but have had many over the years and each one has been a real character and a huge part of the family. I decided on applied animal science at SRUC after speaking with my year tutor Dr Carol Thompson and looking at what the course and studies at SRUC can offer me for the future in terms of a career or further studies.

When the role with CELT (Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching) came up I wasn’t sure that as a first year and a mature student that I would be accepted for the role given my learning experiences are somewhat removed from current practices and even more so with the COVID situation forcing the adoption of blended learning. However I decided to apply and after talking with the CELT team of Dr Pauline Hanesworth ( Head of Learning and Teaching ) and Alison Boyle ( Academic Enhancement Lead and intern project supervisor )  then I was hooked on the thought of being able to investigate the current situation at SRUC, the impact that blended learning and COVID has made to students and staff and what things could be improved or enhanced for the future.

Learning, in its current form, is very different from when I first studied many years ago but with the adaptations in teaching methods, the use of online tools and the support of staff and student peers at SRUC it has been an interesting year, tough but interesting and the project I am undertaking within CELT has really helped me explore the situation and its impact on SRUC. It has really helped me integrate into an active role by contributing and feeding back a data led investigation that will hopefully improve and shape SRUC in the future and I’d love to think that something I have worked on has a positive legacy for the next period in SRUC history

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