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Horticultural Practices at Home

SRUC student Kristyna Andrlova is in her first year of the Garden Design course at the Edinburgh campus. During lockdown, Kristyna has been making use of the spaces available at home to carry out activities based on what she is learning in the Horticultural Practices module. 

I have been preparing the garden for growing season. I took advantage of the Easter break and continued to preparegarden plot seed beds, grow bags and planters. I cultivated compacted soil, worked in compost and agreed some time, also sown some seeds outdoors and covered then with fleece for protection; and some indoors – I improvised with recycling materials.


I have done all this to practice what I learned in module Horticultural Practices, obviously on a domestic scale. The garden was badly neglected by the previous tenants so this is me trying to turn it into a nice space and experiment. It makes me to think of design principles and widens my plant knowledge for sure.



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