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If you attended the Grow Your Careers event at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens today you may have picked up a packet of SRUC Wildflower Seeds. Find out the benefits of  Wildflower and the step-by-step instructions on how to plant them below!

1 packet of Wildflower mix contains 1 teaspoon. This is enough seeds for 1-2 square metres of ground. You can sow the plants from May to June and August to September.


What you will needWhat you will need SRUC wildflower mix

  • 1 packet of SRUC Grow Your Future Wildflower mix
  • A rake or a fork
  • Dry sand or Oats (Optional)


Step 1

Dig over the ground to remove old plants and break up the soil on the top layer with either a rake or fork. This should result in a fine layer of soil on the top.




Step 2

Sprinkle the seeds over the prepared ground. Take Care – try to do this on a calm day or the seeds will blow away in the wind! To make it easier to see where the seeds are being spread, you can mix them in with some dry sand or porridge oats first.

wildflower mix with oats


Step 3

After you have spread the seeds evenly over the ground, give them a little rake and then press them into the soil either by standing on them or pressing them down by hand.

hands pressing down wildflower seeds

Step 4

Grow your future with SRUC. Go to our website and see what courses SRUC has to offer. Browse our Horticulture, Landscaping and Garden Design courses now!

thumbs up wildflower mix


Why are wildflower seeds good to have in your garden?

  • Wildflower meadow habitats have decreased by 97% in the UK since the 1930s. Planting small areas of wildflower in our gardens help to combat this decline.
  • Bumblebees are struggling – they need these wildflowers for food. Bees are great pollinators and have a key role in producing much of the food that is grown in the UK. Two species of bee have already became extinct in the UK since the start of the 21st century.
  • Bees, and other pollinators like butterflies, are part of a very complex food chain, which we rely on. At least one third of the total volume of global agricultural produce relies on insect pollination to some extent.
  • Growing wildflowers increases the biodiversity of the area. Biodiversity is short for biological diversity and is the term used to describe the whole variety of life on earth. Biodiversity plays a role in regulating natural processes such as the growth cycles of plants, the mating seasons of animals and even the weather systems.
  • Wildflowers create a more attractive environment – this has been proven to be good for morale and mental health, and encourages individuals to look after their environment.

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