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Go Green Week

This week is Go Green week, an annual national week of action on climate change. Countryside and Environmental Management lecturer in Aberdeen, Amy Gray offers some tips on living a more sustainable lifestyle.Go Green

  • Have a meat free day once a week to gain new insights to alternative diets and reduce emissions associated with meat manufacture
  • Second hand booty bargains can be much more exciting and exclusive to find, whilst preventing waste and saving you lots of cash.
  • Grow your own. By doing so learn about organic methods, tasty produce, home composting and work towards limiting those food miles. You might even find out more about how to attract fauna that eats those wee beasties that annihilate your shoots.
  • Do it in the dark!! Turn off all unnecessary appliances and put down your gadgets…get to know your friends.
  • Always remember to switch off lights.
  • Only boil enough water in the kettle as you need.
  • Avoid over-packaged products.
  • Buy goods that are environmentally friendly and contain recycled content.
  • Consider reusing plastic containers instead of using cling film and disposable alternatives

About Amy

Amy moved from Aberdeen City Council where she was a Sustainable Development Officer and produced the Sustainable Energy Action Plan, called Powering Aberdeen for the city. She has also been a waste strategy manager, environmental manager at the University of Aberdeen and environmental consultant. Amy does a lot of volunteering and is currently an RVS befriender and training to become a cardiac responder. She lives in rural Aberdeenshire with her partner and dog Nelson and enjoys walking, gardening, travelling. Amy has a chronic condition called Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. She joined the Countryside and Environmental Management team at SRUC Aberdeen where she is currently lecturing on resource efficiency and security, and rural planning.


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