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Getting it done at Moredun!

Horticulture Lecturer Grant Skillen’s National Certificate in Horticulture and Garden Design students from Oatridge Campus recently completed a longrunning  interior planting project at Moredun Research Institute. The project first began in October 2019 where students from the 2019 / 2020 academic year visited the site and were tasked with selecting interior plants and containers for a large communal sitting area. Following a site appraisal plans and ideas were submitted and a design was chosen by Moredun. Unfortunately the project was halted due to Covid-19. Thankfully in January 2021 the project was restarted. Furniture, plants and containers were purchased and  NC Horticulture students (2020 / 2021)  from Oatridge planted up the containers on campus. A total of 33 containers were delivered and installed at Moredun on Friday 11th June.

The project allowed the students to be involved in a real commercial project, giving them knowledge of interior plants, the range of indoor containers with water reserves plus a concept of the costs involved in a project like this. Labels are being professionally made for each container giving the plant names as well as rating the benefits of each plant purifying the air of pollutants, toxins and chemicals within the workplace. Plants can create great benefits in the workplace such as lowering stress levels and increasing work productivity.

Many thanks to Lee Innes at Moredun and Jacqui Tomlins at Pentlands Science Centre for giving SRUC Oatridge students the opportunity to undertake the project. We look forward to more projects in the future.

And well done to Grant and his students from the last 2 years for their perseverance in completing the project for the benefit of staff and visitors to our Moredun facility.

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