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Georgina MacMillan – why I chose Agriculture

Georgina is 17 and from the highlands. Before she joined Barony she was studying at Ullapool high school.  She is currently on the National Certificate in Agriculture.  She tells us why she chose to study Agriculture at Barony Campus.


What first interested you in the agricultural industry?

I was first interested in agriculture when I was wee, always had a love for animals & my grandparents, now father, owned a farm at the bottom of the five sisters. The more I was able to work with the sheep the more keen I became, soon I went on to training my first ever working sheepdog, Moss, at the age of 13. From then my love for agriculture only grew & the more it did the more I felt my way forward in life was through farming.


Why did you decide to come to Barony for your studies?

I saw Barony as somewhere new. From being up in the highlands used to all the glens & a different way of farming compared to in the lowlands, Barony just seemed like the best choice. It has so far already opened up so many good experiences, through the college & has helped my confidence so much.


What have you enjoyed most about the NC Agriculture course?

I’ve enjoyed getting to meet people with the same interests & mind set as me, the lectures are all lovely people & make the course even more fun. I think the thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the practicals, always good fun but learn so much. 


What do you plan to do after you have completed your NC?

I want to carry on my studies & hopefully get in to the agriculture HNC course.


What are your careers plans?

At the moment, I’m hoping to find a farm to work on for a year or two, save up money before hopefully taking that step further to work in New Zealand for a year or maybe more. 

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