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Gardening Scotland 2019- Oatridge entries

Oatridge has announced its first team to represent the campus at this year’s Gardening Scotland event running from May 31st- June 2nd.

The team, which is led by Elizabeth Callaghan, is made up of gardeners and volunteers who all work to keep the grounds an attractive place to work, rest and play for students, staff and locals alike. Their years of experience in garden design, horticulture and landscaping puts them in a great position to enter this year’s show.

Team Leader Elizabeth Callaghan has been developing the concept for a number of weeks:

“The garden design is versatile enough that the client could be of any demographic but we have chosen a young busy couple who are time-poor and need ‘off-street’ parking but still want to have an attractive front garden that meets their needs and has kerb appeal. Having spent some time as a young couple travelling they were attracted to the Persian style of garden design with symmetrical layouts and tapestry-like planting”.

Revealing the team’s many considerations around the project, Elizabeth also said:

“Our colour scheme is important as it is a north facing garden with little sun so we need to use plants that tolerate shade but are not going to get too big in the sunken planting area and require little or no maintenance. As a result, all the plants thrive in a shady position with little sparkles of white or blue flowers in amongst contrasting foliage. We may even add a bit of extra sparkle with some pink”.

You can see their preliminary design below

More information on the event can be found at



Team One Oatridge entry Gardening Scotland 2019- Persian Sketch


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