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Garden of Life

Garden Design students from SRUC Edinburgh will be breathing life in to their show garden entry at this year’s Gardening Scotland event. Now in it’s second year, the College Street feature at Gardening Scotland will feature a number of show gardens from the Edinburgh, Oatridge and Elmwood campuses. Here we introduce the concept behind the garden entered by students at SRUC Edinburgh, called Lifeline and designed by student Lucy Rowlands.

This year’s garden is called ‘Lifeline’ and will have an emphasis on the protection of plants and protecting life. All the species in the show garden will be at risk of plant diseases and pests, particularly Xylella Fastidious and Phytopthora species.

The key message of the garden is to highlight the damage to native UK flora from imported species that bring diseases and pests with them; one half of the garden will be UK native plants and the other half will be popular imported plants. This will be used to make a contrast of what species we have to protect against the species that have brought in. The students will make a path in the shape of an ECG in the middle of the garden which is to represent the heartbeat of the UK’s native species and also the ‘lifeline’. With the design and concept, the students hope to be able to offer advice to the visiting public about plant health against pests and diseases.

Gardening Scotland runs from 29th – 31st May at the Royal Highland Showground at Ingliston.

Lifeline team

Garden Design students from SRUC Edinburgh who will be entering the Lifeline show garden to Gardening Scotland.

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