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Firm Evidence of the ‘Scottish System’ in Aberdeen

Some of the S2 pupils at Kemnay Academy taking part in the Learning for Sustainability event


SRUC Aberdeen showed a display of cross collaboration between the three core divisions at a recent Learning for Sustainability event hosted by Kemnay Academy.


Interdisciplinary learning and evidence of the ‘Scottish System’ were clearly evident at the event organised by Sandra Buchan, Head of Science at the school. It followed on from a similarly successful event last year, but with a wider range of activities from a broad range of participants and workshop hosts.


SRUC was delighted to participate with a sessions led by a representatives from  Research, Education and Consultancy.
Dr Robin Walker from the Crops and Soils Research Team based at Craibstone used a number of elements from the “Integrated Teaching Pack” which has been recently developed through Cruickshank Trust funding.  The pack was used to highlight some of the linkages between soils, crops & the environment.


Nicky Penford, lecturer in Countryside Management from the Education Division, started her presentation by playing a short video recording showing of a large number of animals visiting a camera trap site in Aberdeenshire and followed this with a series of activities – including match the footprint cast to the animal – aimed at highlighting the benefits and rewards of a career in wildlife conservation.


Ewan Johnston from the SAC Consulting in Thainstone, Inverurie discussed sustainability in farming, with his presentation taking place in the RNCI’s Countryside Classroom on Wheels trailer.

Bridgit Edmonstone, Marketing and Student Recruitment Officer at SRUC Aberdeen said: “It was an exciting and positive display of SRUC unity and cross collaboration – resulting in a holistic teaching approach in a local school which demonstrated the links achievable between the three divisions. Feedback on SRUC’s input to the event was extremely positive and all three divisions look forward to being invited back to the event in 2018.”



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