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Fire Safety Training at Oatridge

A group of National Certificate in Horse Care students at SRUC Oatridge Campus participated in an afternoon of “Fire Safety Awareness” training.  This linked in with their Safe Working Practices unit.  The session was delivered by Robert Reid, a former fire fighter with the Lothian and Boarder Fire Service, who is currently employed by SRUC as a Fire Safety Officer.

The training consisted of a short theory session into how fires start and equipment to use.  It then progressed onto a practical session where the students got to see how a fire blanket works and a hands on practical of how to use a fire extinguisher.”

NC Student Rosi McAlroy said “The train was helpful as it taught me how to work the fire extinguishers and gave me some knowledge about fires and how to put them out safely which will help in the future.”

fire safety

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