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Financial Awareness

Christmas can be an expensive time of year with gifts, travel, decorations and celebrations so here are some top tips to avoid spending too much of your precious student loan!


• Make a budget and stick to it
• Make lists. Food and gifts – stick to the lists and don’t impulse buy!
• Last minute shopping can often end up costing you more. Plan ahead, allow for delivery times if ordering online, and don’t just leave it until Christmas Eve!
• If buying for a group of friends, suggest a secret santa with a £5- £10 cap on the value of the gift
• Use your NUS discount card
• Use the web to do price checks and look for discounts / voucher codes/ 3 for 2’s and bogof’s. You may find bargains on eBay or Amazon deal of the day but remember its only actually a bargain if you need it anyway!


• Book your train / bus tickets in advance
• Creative? Is there anything you can make or bake to save some money?
• Cards – save time, money and the environment by not sending cards to everyone and just sending to your nearest and dearest instead. With some of the money you save, you could even give a small donation to a charity that’s important to you. It is the season of good will after all!

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