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Engage with Eat Play Love

SRUC Horticulture student Kobus Stander is part of the Eat Play Love team who will be displaying a pop-up garden at this weekend’s Gardening Scotland at the Royal Highland Centre in Ingliston. Kobus tells us more about himself and the garden.

Who is Kobus?Kobus Stander

Over-enthusiastic Horticulture student with a background in tree nursery experience, commercial annual and perennial bedding plants. Worked as Head Chef in South Africa as well as New Zealand at reputable hotels and Game Lodges. Today, Kobus is experimenting with germination techniques on over 80 tree species and is a full-time Horticulture student.Brief overview of garden?Overall our garden is meant to be fun, eco-friendly, interesting and inspiring. We wanted to focus on engagement and living so we encompassed the daily necessity of eating, the activity of play and doing things together, and being aware that a garden is not just another part of your living space but a home for many other little beings! We’ll demo some clever edible growing ideas, some games you can craft, and ways to encourage living things to garden spaces.

What do you love most about gardening?

The best part of gardening is, all of it! From sowing seeds to harvesting cut flowers, to getting some more seeds for the next season. To be able to see an oak tree grow from a little acorn will take many years, and we will not live to see the end size of it, but that is the challenge of it all, to make sure that it has the best life possible. Here we can also see a vast majority of organisms within an integrated system we are unfamiliar with and yet be so fascinated with it that we want to know more, see more and encourage more. This is what I Love about gardening, the endless possibilities we can create, to live and let live.

What are you most looking forward to at Gardening Scotland?

This is the time of the year we get to see all kinds of innovative aspects of gardening across the UK, where people get to put together what they love, what the enjoy and share it with the rest of the world. This is also the time of the year, if the weather allows, where we get to see the beauty of nature, from the blossoms to the most spectacular new plants we can grow in the garden. I am looking forward to seeing the new, the obscure and the uniqueness of what we get to grow here in the UK, but most of all, to just get to enjoy the vibrant cheer of each and everyone as we all love gardening.

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