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Eat Play Love Garden

Belinda LoveAhead of Gardening Scotland, which takes place between the 1st and 3rd June at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, we caught up with some of SRUC’s students who will be exhibiting at this year’s event. This year, as well as the show garden entry, SRUC will have a number of students who will be entering pop-up gardens inside the main hall. Belinda Love tells us more about her garden titled EAT PLAY LOVE:

What is the theme of your garden? 
EAT – Grow your own edibles no matter how small!
PLAY – Don’t forget to spend time and have fun!
LOVE – Welcome and cherish more life!

Brief overview of garden?
Overall our garden is meant to be fun, eco-friendly, interesting and inspiring. We wanted to focus on engagement and living so we encompassed the daily necessity of eating, the activity of play and doing things together, and being aware that a garden is not just another part of your living space but a home for many other little beings! We’ll demo some clever edible growing ideas, some games you can craft, and ways to encourage living things to garden spaces.

What do you love most about gardening?
I love the seasons; the cycle of life, death, rebirth; the incredible variety of forms; the magic of growing; and the challenges of caring for them. I enjoy spending time with these living things that are not humanoid – I know that sounds weird haha but I do talk to them, and listen to them. When I put them in the ground and tuck them in, feed them, water them, diagnose their sickness, tend their wounds, I do feel quite motherly towards them, or hopefully a good friend at least. Their conversation isn’t too bad either.

What are you most looking forward to at Gardening Scotland?
I’m looking forward to, hopefully, seeing if our pop-up garden sparks people’s imaginations! It would be brilliant if visitors to our garden take even one little idea home with them to try like: crafting a wee garden game out of some recycled materials, tried an edible flower recipe like frozen ice pops, or fashioned an old broken garden pot into a hedgehog shelter. I hope people with visit our blog and Facebook Page and share their activities

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