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Eat Play Love at Gardening Scotland

Cultivate caught up with SRUC Horticulture student Kateryna Sydorova who is part of the team behind the pop-up garden Eat Play Love which will be on display at Gardening Scotland in Edinburgh. Here she tells us more about the themes of the garden and why she loves gardening.

Kateryna SRUC gardenTheme of garden

Growing some of the edibles crops. Spending time outdoor. Inviting the wildlife into the garden.

Brief overview of garden

Our garden is a collection of the ideas for what our team believe is possible to achieve in a small gardening space. We hope the ideas are inspirational and easy to implement. But even these small ideas can have a significant beneficial impact on our lives.

What do you love most about gardening?

I like helping things happen. Because it often feels this way with the plants – you are there to help, and they are doing all the hard work. I like that you can learn so much: about the plants, what they need, how they grow, what it means for us on a personal and society level. And you will definitely learn about yourself too. I find it fascinating how plants are capable of connecting people.

What are you most looking forward to at Gardening Scotland?

Obviously, I want to see our ideas come together “in a flesh” within one space. And I’m looking forward to actually building the garden – in my previous experience the garden was gradually taking shape, and was not built from scratch. It would be interesting to see what the visitors will think about our garden. And not to forget – there will be so many people to learn about plants from and to talk about plants to!

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