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Donald Ferguson, BSc (HONS) Horticulture

Donald Ferguson had previously spent 7 years abroad so when he returned home he wanted to be involved in an industry away from the office environment. He was always interested in landscapes and green spaces and having completed an HNC in Landscape Management, this allowed him access to 2nd year of the Horticulture degree at SRUC.

Donald Ferguson

“I loved my time at SRUC; it shaped me academically and gave me the skills I need to succeed in my career.  I really felt supported throughout my degree, the lecturers were always available for advice, and criticism was always constructive and aimed to further your development.”


Donald Ferguson “I have been very lucky so far and have found a job which matches my degree and work experience. I work for Greenbelt Group Ltd as a Regional Operations Manager, Greenbelt are responsible for shared green spaces, woodlands, SUDS areas, water courses and play parks; there are 50,000 households under the Greenbelt umbrella a number which is increasing. The company provides me with excellent opportunities for further advancement and personal development. In addition, I still harbour hopes of doing a Masters in Landscape and Wellbeing, my dissertation was in environment psychology and this is still an area which I am hugely interested in. Hopefully I can undertake this in the next year or so.


“My advice to students would be to take every opportunity to get involved in course projects, even if they are not part of your module. These provide not just great experiences but also help meeting and building networks with people within your industry. Also be flexible, it’s a huge and varied industry and your ideal path might not be the one you end up on. Finally, enjoy it and work hard, you definitely get out of it exactly what you put in.”

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