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Student Ambassador Q&A Sessions – Describe SRUC in One Word

We have been asking our Student Ambassadors a series of questions about their experiences studying at SRUC. In this video we asked them to sum up SRUC in one word:

“SRUC in one word I would say Opportunity. I started my career here a long time ago and it really has opened so many doors for me and everyone has been so supportive throughout my time.”





“The one word I would use to describe SRUC is green and that’s because in the news and in kinda any website when you do a bit of research into the future of jobs or the future of where funding of government is going, it’s going to the green economy. Its going into sustainability and preventing the impacts of climate change and SRUC sits right at the heart of it.”

“Experience because it’s all about having fun at college and enjoying the experience of being there.”

“Fantastic. I think SRUC has been absolutely fantastic so far. Especially during this time. They have really tired their best to make sure that we as students get the best opportunities that we can under the circumstances and its been absolutely amazing. So yes, Fantastic is the word I would use to describe SRUC.”

If you would like to find out more about what SRUC has to offer and how to start your journey with us, visit our website.

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