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Climate Change, Food Security and SRUC

There is a great deal of information out there about Climate Change and global food security at the moment, and much in the press this week about Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Change agreement (link to BBC News). The Guardian recently published a speech given by Barack Obama which highlights some of the main issues.

These global issues are core themes to many of SRUC’s courses, both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. SRUC as an institution, with its role not only in education, but also in consultancy and cutting-edge research, is leading a wide range of activities central to responding to these massive challenges and opportunities.

So, whether you are interested in agriculture, scientific developments, climate change and the environment, renewable technology, or sustainability issues, have a look at SRUC’s courses and talk to us about our areas of expertise and research.

You can learn more about SRUC’s Research activities by clicking here. Research jointly undertaken by SRUC and the University of Edinburgh has been ranked as most powerful in the UK in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and was judged to be “world leading” (receiving the top REF grading of four star) or “internationally excellent” (three star).

Finally, with the general election also coming up with week, hopefully all of you eligible to vote have registered to do so . The BBC has a really useful summary of the policies of the main political parties across a wide range of topics – here’s a link to the environment pages so you can have a look.

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