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Christmas Tree dressing day

Today is officially Christmas Tree dressing day. That means you can pull the old synthetic tree and decorations out of the attic/cupboard or get a real tree* to bring home and decorate.


To celebrate, here are some fun facts to celebrate Christmas tree dressing day:

·         Even before the birth of Christ, evergreen trees were used in winter as a symbol of fertility

·         The first decorated tree was in Riga, Latvia, in 1510


·         Manufactured Christmas tree ornaments were first sold by Woolworths in 1880! (Its not just their  pick and  mix that has gone down in history!)

·         According the Guinness World Records, the most expensive Christmas tree was owned by a hotel in Abu Dhabi in 2010. The tree was laden with Jewellery, precious stones, baubles and lights and was worth £7 million.

·         The average Brit will spend an average of £83 on a tree and decorations each year

·         The first artificial Christmas trees were made in early 1930s by a company called Addis Brush

·         The UK consumes about £8million trees annually

·         The tallest ever Christmas tree was a 221ft Douglas fir and was displayed in a shopping centre in Washington in 1950

·         60 million Christmas trees are grown each year in Europe

·         On average there will be 3 trees planted for every 1 harvested

·         The yule log has not always been one of a chocolate variety. Traditionally it was an entire tree log that was ceremoniously brought to the house and burned over the 12 days of Christmas


·         In the UK, real trees outsell artificial by 3:1

·         Christmas trees will usually grow for 15 years before sold

·         Many parts of the tree can actually be eaten; the needles are a good source of Vitamin C – brings a whole new meaning to eating your greens!

*Please, if you are getting a real tree, get one from a sustainable source and dispose of it responsibly!

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