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Christina Smith – Horticulture BSc

Christina was always curious about plants and the techniques and methods used to create different outcomes. Curious to learn more, Christina attended a night course at the Royal Botanic Gardens where a lecturer recommended the Horticulture course at SRUC.

Christina Smith in the Glasshouse

Christina Smith in the Glasshouse

“Studying at SRUC has helped me gain an immense amount of confidence in myself, in my ability to communicate, to present my work, to know how and where to research, this journey fuelled my desire to always be learning but also very secure in the knowledge I can pass this on to others. “

“I enjoyed the Glasshouse at SRUC, growing and experimenting, and being with much younger people.  I am 53, and now have such a wide range of friends, of all ages from many different disciplines, some very different from mine, it has kept me young at heart.”

“During my time at SRUC I had to balance a family life with working and studying. I was also ill at the end of one year, so had to return part-time the following year. It was very difficult at times, but the support from my peers and my lecturers was immense and certainly pushed me on, they gave me confidence to always continue. In the end it took me six years due to illness and family pressures, but I was always encouraged to carry on.”

“I am now a Plant Health Officer for the Scottish Government working within the Horticulture & Marketing Unit (HMU) covering the whole of Scotland, from estates, castles, parks, private gardens, nurseries, and garden centres. We are based within Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA). I was offered the job at the end of my Honours year.”

“It’s never too late, you’re never too old to find your passion and embrace it, it is powerful to gain that independent mind that becomes more curious as you delve into subjects. GO FOR IT!”

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