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Celebrating SRUC’s Apprentices for Scottish Apprenticeship Week

This week is Scottish Apprenticeships week and to mark this, we will be telling the story of our apprentices, from Engineering to Horticulture. To kick us off is Nathan Allardyce, a Land Based Engineering Apprentice currently working in Livingston.

Nathan started at Oatridge campus on NC land-based engineering. Nathan was awarded ‘student of the year’ in 2017 for his hard-work, high attendance and attitude to his studies. After completing his NC, Nathan went onto do a Modern Apprenticeship with Reesink Turf Care based in Livingston, just around the corner from the campus itself. The company have been extremely impressed by Nathan so far and he hopes to secure full-time work with them in the future.


Nathan Allardyce MA

Nathan said: Having grown up around motorbikes, cars, tractors and family members who had a passion for engineering- developing a passion for these things myself was never difficult. Fixing things that are broken is something that has always interested me, even as a small child I would look for things to make work again”.

“The exciting thing about my time at Oatridge has been having the chance to use the theoretical and practical skills in my every day work- having learnt the different methods of going about tasks during my time at Oatridge, I feel much more confident in my ability”.

“A close family member has been to Oatridge and had only said good things about their time there, so I jumped at the chance to attend an open day and was extremely impressed by the staff and the campus, but especially the workshop, where I would end up spending the majority of my time. As this has been my intended career path for many years, I am very excited to have begun my professional journey”.

“Oatridge has provided me with a great grounding for my future goals, I feel that I am a different person to who I was at the start of the course- I am not only more confident in my abilities, but also in terms of my social side and personality as a whole. My current role is that of an apprentice engineer, I love my work because it is so varied and challenging every single day- some of the duties I carry out regularly are fixing tractors, mowers, cars, motorbikes, assisting in gear-box changes, replacing brakes. I also work front of house on occasion where I greet customers”.

My personal goal is to one day apply my trade in a different country, probably the USA, Canada or Australia. Having done this course and experienced life as an apprentice, I feel like I can take the next step into my professional future”.

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