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Buffalo Farm Trip

On the 16th of February the Agricultural Society of SRUC (Organiser: Charlotte Mortimer, first year student) went to the Buffalo Farm in Fife. Farm owner and SRUC Alumnus Steve Mitchell showed the students round the property, described their practices and clarified how the business is run. He explained how he keeps the buffalo in the most natural way possible and how he wants to produce a healthy and tasty product for customers.

Steve’s Farm had been a suckler heard in the family for generations, however he wants to diversify to create a unique product, which has shown to be a success.

The tour started at the farm shop and butchery with a buffalo barbecue for lunch. Moving onto the farm later in the day to see the buffalo. They where currently in the shed due to recent weather conditions, but spend the rest of the year outside.

Buffalo farm shopWe are really grateful for being able to offer our students such a great opportunity of gathering new relevant insights about their future career due to the great effort done by Charlotte. More then 40 students signed up and went to the buffalo farm. There was great feedback from the students and the shelves where cleared in Steve’s shop which is always a good sign. Steve even offered for SRUC to continue running trips to his farm, which will be exciting to see the new dairy he is putting in this year.


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