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Blue Planet Cameraman at Elmwood

Wildlife and documentary cameraman Doug Allan, famous for his work on Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and Frozen Planet series, recently visited Elmwood Campus in Cupar following a request from Animal Care lecturer, Anne Low, after attending a local lecture delivered by Doug a few years ago.

Doug Allan stands holding Anne Low's shoulders.

Doug Allan with Anne Low

Anne explained:

“I thought he would be such an inspirational person to talk to our Animal Care Students.  I sent off an email as he was touring the UK and I have to say I did not hold out much hope of getting a reply, let alone arrange for Doug to come along to Elmwood.  He responded the same day and said he would love to visit and talk to staff and students.”  

Doug, who is originally from Dunfermline and studied marine biology at Stirling University, spoke passionately of his adventures from the Antarctic and Arctic Oceans. A self-taught photographer and cameraman, Doug combines his love of nature with his love of diving. He captivated the audience with his photographs, footage and personal insights into the creatures he has captured on film.

Anne added:

“The students were all very engaged and I feel they learned a great deal from Doug’s visit.  The question and answer session at the end of the talk was a great opportunity for the students to have their questions answered by such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person.”  

Gemma Thomson, a former Animal Care student said:

“Doug shared some of his experiences from all around the world, capturing footage of his encounters with a variety of animals both on land and in the sea. He has inspired me to take my camera out even more, as you never know what you may come across.“

Doug has currently moved away from documentaries and is focussing on filming for conservation projects. During his presentation Doug reiterated the importance of people being involved, engaged and connected with their environment. 

He said,

“It was great to be received so enthusiastically by staff and students. I hope I encouraged people to connect to the planet and connect to like-minded people.  The future is in their hands, nothing is impossible.”

Doug’s first book Freeze Frame is now available.  For details on this and on his upcoming tour dates go to

Information on all the animal care courses offered at SRUC Elmwood can be found at

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