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Andy Sneddon: Changed career and haven’t looked back!

Andy decided to retire from a career in chemical regulations to get qualified in horticulture and landscaping with the aim of starting up his own small business. He chose to study the NC Horticulture with Landscape Construction in order to obtain knowledge and an understanding of what it takes to become successful landscape gardener. The aims and objectives of the course were clearly stated and with the combination of landscaping, horticulture and the broad grounding he was sold immediately.

“I had driven past the SRUC Oatridge Campus for years and promised myself one day I would somehow make it happen that I would study there. I attended an interview for the course and have not looked back since.”

“The highlights of studying at SRUC were the characters, and the wonderful atmosphere they created every day: hail, rain or shine. Classmates and staff were so friendly and helpful, I can’t stress enough how much the staff want to make each day fun and informative.”

“I used to skip out of bed in the morning safe in the knowledge I had prepared well the previous night for that day’s activities. When I got there I felt relaxed and ready to take part in everything. The course was so varied, the practical aspects so immediately rewarding and the atmosphere was a bit like a Harry Potter movie.”

“The facilities were great at Oatridge. The indoor areas were great when the weather was harsh and we quickly got into the routine of predicting where we would be and what we would be doing any given day. The indoor landscaping facility was a godsend some days as building in a lovely heated facility was great. I also loved the well-equipped lab and the library.”

“Studying at SRUC you will immediately realise that every ounce of effort you put into your studies will be matched by all the staff. They genuinely want you to succeed. It is well worth the effort to get organised, take all the help available and pay attention every day. You have so many options available to you when you finish the foundation course. You may want to earn money for a while and go back to studying then or continue straight on, either way it will be a blast!”

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