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Alpacas visit Elmwood

We recently welcomed some unusual guests to our Elmwood campus.

Students meet Alpacas at SRUC Elmwood

Lecturer Anne Low organised a visit from some of Claddach Farm’s inhabitants.  The farm, based near Peat Inn specialises in pedigree alpacas and guanacos, both of which are related to the camel.  The local farm “breeds breeders”, with their soft, silky wool being popular throughout the world for the production of garments such as pashminas, hats, scarves and jumpers.

The students, who already have experience of handling and looking after the college’s fish, rodents, reptiles, small animals, birds and amphibians benefited  from being hands on with larger animals and were also able to ask Kay Carr, the farm’s owner, questions about the day-to-day care of the alpacas.

Students meet Alpacas at SRUC Elmwood

Kim Steele, an NC Animal Care student from Dundee said,

“This was a great experience and something that I would never have had the opportunity to do otherwise.”

Lisa Donaldson, a fellow student from Falkland added,

“It’s great to learn about a variety of animals and to see first hand the enthusiasm Claddach farm have for them.  It’s been a lovely thing to be part of”.

Kay said:

“We’re delighted to be involved with Elmwood and introduce alpacas to these highly motivated students”.

Kirstie Hardie, Programme Leader in Animal Care at SRUC Elmwood campus said,

”This was a fantastic opportunity for our Animal Care students and staff to meet, observe  and handle Claddach Farm’s alpacas.  Thanks to Kay for bringing her alpacas to the Animal Care unit at Elmwood and for sharing her knowledge with us and answering our many questions.”


More information on SRUC Animal Care courses can be found on our website

For more information about Claddach Farm visit their Facebook page

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