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Alan Linton – Vet Nursing

Alan Linton, 32, worked on his family’s fishing boat for many years before changing his path to study HND Veterinary Nursing at SRUC Barony. Alan is now enjoying the challenge of starting a new career, describing his experience overall as enlightening, worthwhile and promising.

Alan Linton - SRUC Barony Veterinary Nursing student

Alan Linton – SRUC Barony Veterinary Nursing student

Telling us about his previous career, Alan said:

“I worked as a creel fisherman for 10 years. I began working in order to help out the family business and to earn money during my days at University. I enjoyed working outdoors and enjoyed working within a small group of people.”

What made Alan change his career path?

“I had always wanted to work with animals from a young age but after I left University my circumstances changed and I decided to help out with the family fishing business. The main reason for the change in career was dealing with veterinary staff at my local practice when my dog was ill. Until then I had not considered a career as a vet nurse but after chatting to some of the veterinary staff I decided to investigate further. I was initially reluctant to give up my job however, I realised that I was getting older and if I did not make the change now, I never would.”

Why did Alan choose to study with SRUC Barony?

“I had heard that the HND course provided a good mix of classroom and practical learning. As I was slightly older, I did not want to spend a lot of time out of work and the two-year course was very appealing to me.”

Speaking of his experience of studying at SRUC Barony, Alan said:

“My experience at Barony has been nothing but positive. The whole staff have been friendly and helpful and have made my time studying the course extremely enjoyable. I feel that the staff at Barony have done a good job making the Vet nursing students feel like part of the college, even though we spend a lot of my time away from college during placement.”

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