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Ailidh Reed – SRUCcess

Ailidh Reid graduated this year with a BSc (Hons) Countryside Management from SRUC Ayr, and factors this as the primary reason for being successful in securing the role of a visitor centre manager with the Islay Natural History Trust on the Scottish island of Islay.

Ailidh Reid, BSc Countryside Management Graduate 2018

Ailidh is delighted with the opportunity and says

“the job will allow me to not only oversee the day to day activities of the visitor centre, but to plan nature-based family events, school group sessions and take on guided walks around the island to showcase the natural beauty that it has to offer.”

As part of the post she will also be involved with outreach work to rural communities and schools carrying out environmental conservation and education sessions. If this wasn’t exciting enough for an ecology enthusiast, Ailidh will carry out pollinator surveys across the island in partnership with the pollinator initiative project that is currently being carried out on the island.

Ailidh volunteered on Islay before studying at SRUC Ayr, adding:

“the island has always been a place that I have wanted to live and work. This opportunity has only come full circle from my time at SRUC studying Countryside Management, through being educated in subjects such as ecological surveying, leadership skills, visitor management, environmental education and taking part in the weekly Conservation Society Group, which has all contributed to the improvement of my skills and confidence that has progressed me into the working environment.”

Well done Ailidh, we wish you all the very best of #SRUCcess.

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