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Agriculture: Caitlin Ross

Upon finishing high school, Caitlin took the chance to gain valuable work experience in agriculture before enrolling at SRUC’s Oatridge campus. Having been interested in the industry from a young age, she wanted to follow her passion for the outdoors and arable farming.

Caitlin said: “I came to Oatridge because it offered both practical and theory work. The idea of getting outside and onto the college farm appealed to me because that’s what I do when I’m at home.”

“Studying at Oatridge helped me expand my knowledge in areas that I hadn’t yet studied or had the chance to experience, such as dairy and grassland management, which I found particularly interesting. The extent to which my studies have helped me practically is amazing; I now work full-time on my family farm where I take part in a wide variety of tasks and feel confident enough now to tackle them head-on.”

HND Agriculture

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