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Aberdeen BSc Countryside Management’s journey to Glen Clova


On Wednesday the 11th October, BSc Countryside Management students from SRUC Aberdeen set off for wonderful day of field tripping. The group, accompanied by lecturers Denise Ronald and John MacDonald, started at Montrose Harbour, journeying North West to their final destination in Glen Cova.


“An interesting and enlightening look at the South Esk River catchment, its changing topography, land uses and wildlife, from the busy shipping port at Montrose, to the birds at Montrose basin, all the way to its origins at Glen Doll and Glen Clova. It gives us much to consider, and plenty to write about for our upcoming projects.” CM3 student.


Whilst at Montrose Harbour, students reviewed the harbour layout, discussing the possible issues harbour traffic and general industry pressure has on its environmental stability. The group then moved on to the Montrose beach where they could view the prominent damage coastal erosion has had in the area. Before journeying to the South Esk Catchment, a quick stop at the Montrose basin had students captivated, watching a kingfisher dip and dive into the water. The tour brought students to a small burn where they could see the effects field margins and lower water tables had on the burn’s sediment and gravel levels.



Later on, the group visited the Dawnfresh Fish Farm in Kinnaird. Here, students got to see the facilities in which Rainbow Trout fingerlings are grown before being transferred to lochs. Students had the opportunity to have open discussions with Dawnfresh staff, about the methods included in the facility’s operations. The group then carried on to view a small hydro scheme which had been set up with the inclusion of a salmon ladder in order to maintain natural salmon activity.


Following up the River Esk, the group visited a small scale sewage works – perfect for warming their appetite for lunch. After lunch the trip headed in the direction of Glen Clova. The group stopped to view part of the river which had been successfully re-meandered, to inhibit undesired erosion. At this stop, everyone was extremely lucky to see not 1, not 2, but 3 Golden Eagles!! The trip finished with a stop at the Glen Clova hotel where students enjoyed some well-deserved rest and recuperation, as well as spotting a further Red Kite.



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