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Abbie Gibson HND Animal Care

Abbie Gibson with miniature ponyAbbie Gibson started with SRUC on the NC Animal Care and progressed the whole way up to HND, but before she decided what she wanted to do she took a year out of school and looked at various courses.

She decided that Animal Care was for her, since she was already passionate about working with horses and she volunteered with the RDA charity (Riding for the Disabled Association) before she started the NC.

Even though Abbie’s biggest passion always has been working and looking after horses, she then decided that she would like to keep her hobby separate and focus on smaller domestic animals.

Abbie is currently a HND Animal Care student in her final year and she already secured a full-time two weeks placement with SSPC in Inverness (her home), which was her dream job long before she became an SRUC student.

Once the placement is completed, Abbie is hoping to secure a job with SSPC upon her graduation and continue working for the organisation that is so close to her heart.

“What I loved most about the course is its very practical nature and spending so much time with the animals. The first year of the HND is very practical and I’ve spent a lot of time cuddling the animals. However, I really enjoy both hands-on practical work and theory and Anatomy has been my favourite class in the second year of the HND. Even though this is a highly theoretical and challenging course, there are so many interesting facts to learn about the animals body systems and various functions.”

“The second year of the HND also has some aspects of practical work, such as the theatre practice, which requires students to learn how to prepare themselves for going to surgery. Some of my other favourite subjects so far include Drugs and Medicines and Wildlife.”

Abbie’s favourite animals to handle are surprisingly the reptiles and what fascinates her is how you get to observe how different their personalities and behaviours are, such as having to handle a more active and curious natured snake as opposed to a really mellow and lazy one.

“This course really opens up a lot of options and if you are unsure whether you would like to become a vet nurse or not, this is the course to help you decide which path you are going to choose. I myself discovered through this course that what I am truly passionate about is Animal Welfare and my ideal job would be working as an SSPC Inspector and helping to bring animals into a safe and loving environment.”


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