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A Wee Natural Gallery

Hot on the heels of last year’s multiple award-winning show garden Hortus Homicida, the 2018 Garden Design students are back at Gardening Scotland this year with their entry entitled “A Wee Natural Gallery“.

The theme of this year’s garden, conceived by designer Christina Gonzalez-Martin is based around the children’s edition of the Collins English Dictionary, which has removed many words that are relevant to nature and the natural world, including “dandelion”, “bluebell”, “heron”, among many others.

Instead, these words have been indirectly replaced with words that are more indicative of our time – “MP3”, “database” and “chatroom”.

A concept sketch of A Wee Natural Gallery

A concept sketch of A Wee Natural Gallery

The designers of the garden hope to highlight this and inspire children to take a deeper interest in nature through their garden, which will incorporate both horticultural and artistic features, and will tie in to 2018’s Year of Young People theme.

Find out more about the garden and its progress on the A Wee Natural Gallery Facebook page.

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