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A Passion for Poultry.

SRUC Oatridge librarian Lesley Reade tells us about her passion for poultry.

We have all had what I can say a bizarre year, where little things like my chickens, dogs and cats have played a large part in getting me through this time.  No doubt most of you will have found this if you are a pet owner and that they seem to be there when you need them.

A large part of my time is spent with my chickens but not as much as in previous years when there have been no



shows to attend, and of course we’ve had a double whammy in that there is avian flu doing its winter rounds.

We in the poultry fraternity have been lucky enough to have a fantastic group on FaceBook where they have held virtual poultry shows.  Not quite the same as going to a show and getting the banter, but it was well needed distraction and of course it gave us all a chance to show off our birds.

We are now well into the hatching calendar, however I usually have my first hatch on easter weekend, but with the fact that I am at home at the moment I was able to start early.  I have now hatched out 14 Pekins, 4 Rosecomb, 1 Silkie, 4 Rhode Island Reds and 1 hybrid with only 1 chick going to the big henhouse in the sky which is really quite good in hatching terms.  I am new to Pekins, Rosecombs and Rhodies and have only had these for a few months but the breeding pens seem to be a success so far.  I am still waiting for my Scots Grey’s, Sablepoot and Serama’s to hatch, these should be trickling through over the next couple of weeks.

Blue Pekin

Blue Pekin

I hope you all have a lovely easter brake when it comes, and to anyone who has chooks and are hatching…… good luck.


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