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A Day in the Life of a Garden Design Student

SRUC Edinburgh Garden Design student Kristyna Andrlova shares her day with us.

It’s morning!

So cold it makes you want to stay in the bed all day. Then I look out of the window. I am lucky enough to see the sky


Horticultural practices module – preparing plot for upcoming project

right from the bed, It’s pinkish grey turning perfect blue. It’s gonna be a beautiful day after all!

Smile appears on my face while I am thinking about what lies ahead. It’s not bad at all. Even a morning run crosses my mind but no… it’s way too cold! Walk with a cuppa will do me better today. Wondering what I am about to see outside I leave the house.

So, I am back, my body stretched my mind fresh and I cannot wait to sit at my desk and start drawing. My imagination is running wild. Gosh I cannot wait to know and understand all those plans. In the process I find myself building a barricade from all the books on plants and design that are in my possession. Man, I need more! In the end, it’s Garden and Design course, one has to understand both to create something beautiful, healthy and beneficial. Don’t get me started on soil!

It takes time to produce something good. A sketch, report, a presentation but one learns so much in the process which will come in handy at some point. That’s what I really like about this course, it covers art and science at the same time.

My mum always says ‘Why do you always have to do everything so difficult for yourself?’ Perhaps I do, I am not satisfied with easy. I accept the challenge. 10 years ago, I couldn’t possibly write this message to you. Who knows what I will be able to do in 10 years from now? I have an idea and the journey starts here.


Plant recognition – visit of Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh – detour in the glasshouse



Planting design – This week’s task – Elevations drawing in progress

I believe in beautiful world and I want to take part in reshaping our future.


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