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A Blossoming Career

An uncertain Jennifer Wright, unsure on what to study after school has blossomed, bloomed and grown into a successful young woman.

SRUC student Jennifer Wright up a tree in PPE

SRUC student Jennifer Wright

After leaving Queen Anne High school in Dunfermline Jennifer went to SRUC Oatridge to do a National Certificate in Horticulture with Garden Design. She then began a two-year Modern Apprenticeship in Horticulture working at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and attending SRUC Oatridge Campus on a day release basis.

As well as achieving her SVQ Level 3 qualification in Parks Gardens and Greenspace she was also awarded the Best Student Award from a pool of all first and second years, a great achievement. Jennifer has also been shortlisted for the Lantra Awards 2018 and nominated for the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (CALEY) for the Carter-Patterson Memorial Medal for a high achieving horticulture student in Scotland

Jennifer believes that the skills and experience she received through her modern apprenticeship opened up many more opportunities.

“My Modern Apprenticeship allowed me to get practical hands-on experience in a subject I didn’t get a chance to discover in school.”

After completing her apprenticeship Jennifer applied for every job available in her area of expertise. She was overwhelmed by the positive feedback and the number of job offers she could chose from:

“I couldn’t believe that I could choose from all these opportunities. After school, I was a bit lost and unsure of what to do so my family are really proud of me and how well I’ve done.”

The now 23 years old is currently in the midst of her training within Professional Gardens Guild Traineeship (PGGT). Jennifer is working all across the UK in many of the country’s top gardens including Waddeson Manor, an internationally renowned garden. Jennifer’s SRUC tutor George Gilchrist said:

“I believe Jennifer is the first Scottish applicant to have successfully gained a place on the PGGT with an exciting three years ahead. This is the perfect start to what I am sure will be a great horticultural career.”

Jennifer believes she is in her element and loving every moment in her first year of training.

“No two days are the same. At the moment I’m learning how to use the heavier equipment and tractor training and doing a little bit of everything everyday.”

George Gilchrist went on to express:

“To use a horticultural metaphor, Jennifer’s career did not only grow but flourished within her time here at SRUC. During that time Jennifer was an extremely hard working and enthusiastic student, eager to support her peers.”

Jennifer’s caring personality continues to shine through as she encourages students that are thinking of doing a modern apprenticeship to “Just go for it!”

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