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10 Exam Stress Busting Hacks

During the exam period you will likely experience feelings of stress and anxiety as you feel under pressure to do well. There are a number of things you can do to help deal with the stress, try some of these:

Ken pig sleepRemember ThESE: Eat, Sleep and Exercise optimise learning and help you cope better with pressure

Time out: Have 10 minute blocks of switch-off, deep breathing  time to re-energise. Try the free Insight Timer app (

Nom Nom: Eat small meals regularly to beat fatigue and maintain concentration

Aqua power: Drink more water. Better hydration aids better thinking

Fostering Focus: Minimise distractions by using apps like Cold Turkey ( and Freedom (

Branch out: Limit your screen time and grow a tree on your phone, with Forest app (

Ken waterMix it up: Break away from “head space” thinking  into “body space” doing to digest your learning and manage anxiety

Quiet helpful: Manage noise to keep focused, with noise cancellation headphones

Check it out: Visiting your exam space in advance removes an unknown and helps reduce anxiety

Body positive: In between study, activities like gardening, cooking, drawing or having a bath reduce stress  and support effective learning


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